Freedom for Axel, Florian, and Oliver!

The farce is over, and although we didnt really want to believe it that which was expected happened. The three comrades have been found guilty and sentenced to jail terms of three and a half years for two comrades, and three years for the third.

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On this website the Coalition for the Immediate End to the § 129(a) Proceedings informs about the proceedings of the Federal Prosecutor General of Germany (BAW) against seven left-wing activists from Berlin and about the upcoming trial against them. The accusation has been "Membership in a terrorist organization" (§129a of the German criminal code) called "militant group" (now: §129, criminal organisation). We demand the cessation of the proceedings, and the repeal of §§129, 129a, and 129b of the german criminal code. >> more


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Burn the War Machines

In Germany, we are witnessing a powerful rebirth of militarism. Although we are nowhere close to an uprising against capitalism, but already is the Bundeswehr being prepared for it. Inside the country, a propaganda campaign — involving conferences, movie theatres, schools, government offices, public oaths, large tattoos, and military parades (e.g. Müllheim June 27, 2009) — aims at freeing German soldiers from the “historic baggage” of National Socialism.