Freedom for Axel, Florian, and Oliver!

The farce is over, and although we didnt really want to believe it that which was expected happened. The three comrades have been found guilty and sentenced to jail terms of three and a half years for two comrades, and three years for the third.

State Terror in Germany

50 days of Muppet Show - and the phantom dissolves

Solidarity is Indivisible!

In the first 25 days of the trial since it first being in September 2009, the court has been hearing evidence against the three accused, Axel, Florian, and Oliver. Specifically, that they had, supposedly as members of the “militant group”, set out to destroy vehicles of the Germany Federal Armed Forces in Brandenburg an der Havel (70 km outside of Berlin). Since February 2009, the focus of the court proceedings has shifted: they now are being accused of “membership in the militant group”, under the auspices of §129 of the German Criminal Code.

December 13th: Fire and Flames for the Repression - Solidarity with Axel, Florian and Oliver

With the day of action on december 13th 2008, which is planned in different cities, we want to express our solidarity with the accused und protest against state repression.

Declaration of support: Solidarity with antimilitarists

"We support the call for the acquittal of the three antimilitarists."

Please sign this declaration: Send your name, job and city to us: einstellung [at] Thank you.

Declaration by Axel, Florian and Oliver at the trial

The ones who sit here at the dock are the wrong ones and they should be now condemned as members of a criminal association, under the paragraph 129. Warmongers, supporters of war and armament companies are the ones who belong to the dock. They are the ones to be prosecuted.

New videoclip by Feundeskreis Videoclips about proceedings and support

Video: Einstellung!

Freundeskreis Videoclips produced a 7 min clip on the case, German with English subtitles:

Florian L., Axel H. und Oliver R. were arrested after they allegedly tried to set fire on military trucks, made by MAN-AG in Brandenburg/Havel. The same day, Andrej Holm was arrested and flats and places of employment of three others were searched. The constructions that are intended to justify the accusation „Membership of a terrorist organization according to §§129a StGB (‚militant group (mg)‘).” are as adventurous as the paragraph 129a itself.

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24th Chaos Communication Congress: What is Terrorism? And who is terrorising whom?

Lecture of Anne Roth, partner of Andrej Holm, at Chaos Communication Congress Dec 27, 2007:

Life as the partner of a terrorism suspect means living with police and secret service surveillance: phone tapping, video cameras pointing at your doors, plain-clothed police following your every step, e-mail and internet access being monitored etc etc.

Letter from Florian, Axel and Oli

We thank you all in this way for your enormous solidarity, friendship and loyality.

Urgent Action to support the affected

The group wegmit129a has started an urgent action of solidarity with the imprisoned an accused. Support them by sending protest letters to the authorities.