What is terrorism?

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International Competition: What Exactly is Terrorism?

The Federal Prosecution is after it. The Red-Green Coalition is trying to redefine it. The Federal Court has to evaluate it and our friends are to be charged because of it.

The Phantom Called "Terrorism"

The German criminal legislation paragraph 129a enables the prosecution of terrorist activity or membership in a terrorist organisation, but even the highest judges of Germany are not quite sure what terrorism actually is. The Federal Minister for Justice doesn't think that 9/11 was terrorism, but everyone's scared of it. German criminal legislation, the UN and also the EU have no clear definition of the term "terrorism". We're now asking: What exactly is terrorism? Who is a terrorist? And what's a terrorist act?

The Coalition for the Immediate End to the 129a Proceedings is searching for definitions of terrorism: legal, humorous or political. Entries to the competition can be in the form of texts, photos, videos, podcasts, postcards, posters; they can be artistic, intellectual or journalistic. They can be submitted by individuals, collectives or by anonymous contributors. The deadline is February 15, 2008.

Submission can be sent by email to einstellung[at]so36.net, uploaded to the website directly or sent by regular mail (address below).

An international panel will consider the entries and select the best ones for awards. In spring of 2008 the best contributions will be publicly exhibited and celebrated with an award ceremony.

The panel:

Prizes for the best contributions include:

Please donate more prizes!

Some ideas might be critical academic books (self-authored), wellness vouchers for victims of repression, a weekend in Barcelona....


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