militant group (mg): a chronology

12.06.01: sending of bullets to the representatives of the 'Initiative for the reparation of the victims of forced labor during the nazi regime' (Gibowski, Gentz and Lamsdorff) because of their role in relativizing the crimes of the nazi regime.

21.06.01: arson against cars of a Daimlerchrysler reseller in Berlin-Marienfeld, following their role as profiteurs of the forced labor under the nazi regime.

05.02.02: arson attack against the social office in Berlin-Reinickendorf and threatening letter directed to the responsible for social politics Frank Balzer (a 'personification of the social terror').

29.04.02: arson attack against a Daimlerchrysler reseller in occasion of the visit of Mr. Bush.

31.12.02: arson attack at the finance office in Berlin-Neukölln following their research oriented towards 'black-payed workers'.

26.02.03: arson attack in Brandenburg against some jeeps property of the german army, in occasion of the beginning of the Iraq's war.

17.09.03: arson attacks against the court of Sachsen-Anhalt and the State Attorney in Naumburg/Saale in order to respond the trial of the 'Magdeburg Three'.

29.10.03: arson against cars belonging the ALBA company, to attack their politic of exploitation.

31.12.03: arson attack against the offices of the 'German Institute for social research' (DIW) in Berlin-Steglitz, considered as a 'think tank factory of Capital'.

29.03.04: arson at the knot-office of the social office Pankow and the dole office Berlin-North, to respond to the approved reform which prescribed the fusion of social help and dole for jobless people.

06.05.04: arson against cars property of the Telekom toattack their participation within the newly approved 'Hartz IV' reform (cutting to the social help).

23.09.04: arson against the social office in Berlin-Schöneberg because of their involvement within the 'Hartz IV' reform, as well as another arson attack against the municipality of Reinickendorf, responsible for the administration of political measures in regards to refugees. Bullets have been sent as well to Bernd Kromer, member of the city parliament, for his socio-technocratic role.

10.01.05: arson against a new LIDL big german supermarket) construction site in Berlin-Steglitz, to respond their politic of terror and repression against their workers and trade unionists.

29.04.05: arson attack in Potsdam against cars owned by the land-parliament of Brandenburg (Berlin's region) and in Berlin against the private cars of some cops, to join the 1st of may festivities and the campaign against the social-technocrats.

08.11.05: second arson against the offices of the 'German Institute for social research' (DIW) in Berlin-Steglitz.

16.02.06: arson against a Renault car reseller in Berlin-Reinickendorf for the international day of the political prisoner, and for the freedom of the Action Directe prisoners.

20.03.06: arsons against the car pool of the Ordungsamt (they operate similarly to police) in Berlin Treptow-Kopenick, for their involvement within social repression.

10.04.06: arson to one door of the central police presidium, speaks for itself.

23.05.06: arson against Berlin's Social Court for their role as judiciary organ of the socio-technocracy.

03.09.06: arson against cars of the border police in Berlin-Lichtenberg: a month ago they were responsible of the death of some refugees they were following with cars.

10.09.06: again arson against cars belonging to the Ordungsamt, in Berlin-Reinickendorf.

19.12.06: arson against the offices of the neurologue Andreas Blodau in Dessau and paint bombs at the family house of Dessau's police chief, Andreas Schubert, because of their involvement in the death of Oury Jallo (a refugee burned down in his police cell, where Blodau was the doctor in charge and made the autopsy afterwards).

14.01.07: arson against some cars belonging to the border police in Oranienburg, since the latter covers a main role in the attacks against refugees.

18.05.07: arson against police vans in Berlin-Spandau, to respond to the national raids against anti-G8 activists.

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