Letter from Florian, Axel and Oli

Dear comrades, friends and supporters!

We thank you all in this way for your enormous solidarity, friendship and loyality.

With you all we managed to overcome the difficult time in prison. The letters and the visits of family members and comrades, your solidarity against their repression, which became very substantial through the high number of solidarity events such as discussions, actions, demonstrations, letters of solidarity, all this has been for us more than needed and helpful. Extreme thanks goes to the lawyers, who intensively supported us and also to all the people, who organised the money for our bail.

Our coming release and the overturn of the 129a are a partial victory, which has been reached also through you all. The end of the detention has represented for us a special moment of fortune.

However, there is no call to drop your guard down! The Federal General Attorney is proceeding further with the 129 paragraph (criminal association), the Federal General Office keeps on spying around and putting us under huge pressure. Their goal would be not only to destroy our political identity, but furthermore all the radical left which struggles everyday towards the utopia of a liberated society. To reach this destruction, they are using the preventive surveillance of the State unto its very last means. We do not let it frighten us or let us stop in doing our necessary emancipative work.

We'll keep on going!

We have to accustomise again as ex-prisoners within the daily life, take something back, stabilise us together with our families and friends, in order to become all strong again. As we have to recognize by now, we will need for this more time than we thought we needed. For the upcoming trials, we will need your support further.

Thanks and greetings of solidarity!

Florian, Axel and Oli
Berlin, December 2007

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