Axel, Florian and Oliver are on the dock because they are supposed to have attempt to torch some military vehicles. They have been arrested on the 31st of July 2007 and spent about four months under pre-trial detention. On the same day, Andrej got arrested and the apartments, as well as the workplaces, of three more people have been raided. The accusation against the seven of them states:”Membership in a terrorist association, paragraph 129a (militant group (mg))”.

On the 22nd of August Andrej has been released, while in October authorities annulled his arrest warrant. On the end of November 2007, Florian, Axel and Oliver have been “spared” from the pre-trial detention, following the payment of a bail.

At the same time, the Federal Court of Justice decided that the “militant group” does not constitute a terrorist association (§129a). Only the deeds which would be capable to “create substantial damages for a State or an international organization because of the way they have been perpetrated or their effects” are to be considered as terrorist. Axel, Florian and Oliver have been charged with the §129, building of a criminal association. One keeps on investigating against Andrej and the other three defendants also using the §129.

The website gets done by friends, colleges and comrades of the seven defendants. We try to inform about the state of the trial and the different initiatives in solidarity, we document public statements and press-releases about the trial.

The exemption of imprisonment, the annulment of the arrest warrant against Andrej and not as last the omission of the §129a from this trial have been a partial goal, which we also owe to a large solidarity shown by many persons, who are able to think in a political-critical way. We wish that many different initiatives in solidarity will keep on happening.
In this sense, themes like anti militarism and the sabotage of the war machinery, the §129/129a/129b, State surveillance and repression, clandestine ways of organizing, gentrification, social exclusion and global exploitation could serve as suggestions as regards content. Solidarity is indivisible.

In other European countries, the courts acquitted activists who, like Axel, Oliver and Florian, have been on trial because of the sabotage of material for war, motivating such a decision by declaring that their actions contributed in preventing worse consequences – that is to say acts of war.


We fight for an acquittal for Axel, Florian and Oliver, we demand the dismissal of the proceeding and the abolition of the §§129, 129a and 129b.