Quiz: What is Terrorism?

In "what is terrorism?", i use the form of a quiz, cognitive/affective and visual mapping of names, concepts, pictures, and emotions to open up a space for thinking beyond the political language of fear.

Killing by numbers

An electro Darkwave-Ballad about a woman who has just been shot, lying in rubble asking questions to a soldier before she dies 'why are so many men in this world so addicted to killing?'

Osama is a Bush

azia amazonica

A imagem estática selecionada é utilizada para representar o vídeo nos resultados de pesquisa e outras exibições. Para selecionar outra imagem estática, basta clicar na imagem desejada. Observação: pode demorar até seis horas para sua imagem ser atualizada.


They Hide In Shadows

Video produced by Not An Alternative documenting "someone" activating models representing "user generated terrorists". This video is part of a series called "Terror War" that is to run as part of a television program that Not An Alternative plans to launch in 2008.



The attached document does not contribute to any good definition of terrorism, unless people realize that the difficulty of finding a good definition is the difficulty of living a utopia.

The Phantom Called Terrorism

Perry Bard. Secure Dining. 2006. Embroidery on linen. Set of 5 dinner napkins based on alert codes established by U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Edition of 12.

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