Police Station attacked: "Release the anger which has no description!"

We document a declaration that refers the "our" proceedings:

In the late hours of the 16 of December 2008 we attacked a police station sited in the Bulgarische Strasse, Treptow district, as also the cars parked in front of it with stones and color.

December 13th: Fire and Flames for the Repression - Solidarity with Axel, Florian and Oliver

With the day of action on december 13th 2008, which is planned in different cities, we want to express our solidarity with the accused und protest against state repression.

Declaration of support: Solidarity with antimilitarists

"We support the call for the acquittal of the three antimilitarists."

Please sign this declaration: Send your name, job and city to us: einstellung [at] Thank you.

Bottles full of color thrown against the court in Berlin-Tiergarten

"We declared our solidarity with the defendants by throwing color against the court located in the Turmstrasse in the night between the 23rd and 24th of September."

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