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Protests over terror arrest of German academic

Academics from around the world have protested to Germany's federal prosecutor about the arrest and detention of a Berlin sociologist who is accused of associating with a terrorist group - apparently on the basis of his academic work.

Academics Protest Germany's Arrest of Scholar Accused of Aiding Militant Group

Dozens of academics have signed two open letters to Germany's federal prosecutor, protesting the arrest and detention of Andrej Holm, a sociologist at Berlin's Humboldt University who specializes in critical research on urban gentrification.

International Protest Over Berlin Sociologist's Arrest

Academics from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond have protested against the arrest of Berlin sociologist Andrej H. The researcher has been in jail for two weeks on suspicion of membership in a terrorist group.

»Any scholarship would be initially suspicious«

An Interview with Sociologist Rainer Rilling on the Arrest of the Berlin Urban Sociologist Andrej H.

We are all 129a!

Four German activists have been arrested on suspicion of being members or supporters of an alleged "terrorist organisation". The German federal police suspect that "militante gruppe" (mg or "militant group") was behind several arson attacks against police and army vehicles since the group surfaced in 2001.

Berlin: Manifestation in support of those arrested under 129a

Different groups had called for a spontaneous manifestation at the prison in Moabit, where the four prisoners Axel, Florian, Oliver und Andrej arrested at the 31st of July are hold in custody. They are accused of being members of the “militante gruppe”.

Demo in Fulda for those arrested under 129a

This afternoon 400 people of the Attac summer academy marched into the city of Fulda to protest against the arrest of the Berlin sociologist Andrej H. and the accusations of terrorism against three other persons.

German authorities arrest 4 suspected leftist extremists in terror, arson case

German authorities arrested four alleged leftist extremists on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization and attempting to set fire to army vehicles, federal prosecutors said Thursday.